Errors of Rastafarism – Wrong Person


Excerpt from “Revelations on Ras Tafari” by Dr. Clinton Chisholm:

“…[Another] mistake is that the early Rastas, while being literally¬†fussy about blackness as Negroes ended up worshipping a non-Negroe as their god. Haile Selassie, by his own claim and looks and based on that all important national saga and cycle of legends, the Kebra Nagast, springs from a Semitic non-Black dynasty. As the anti-Negro or pro-Semitic Kebra Nagast says, “…for by the will of God every kingdom of the world was given to the seed of Shem [Semites] and slavery to the seed of Ham [Hamites] …” This statement in the Kebra Nagast was designed to show that only Semitic rulers were legitimate occupants of the throne in Ethiopia. This means as the Jamaican Baptist Pastor, the Rev. C. S. Reid said in 1975, “… that in racial terms [H.I.M. Haile Selassie] has more in common with the Jews or Arabs than with Negroes.”


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