Errors of Rastafarism – Wrong Name


Excerpt from “Revelations on Ras Tafari” by Dr. Clinton Chisholm:


The Movements Name: The Ras Tafari Movement.


On the 2nd of November 1930, his imperial majesty, Haile Selassie the first, was crowned as Emperor of Ethiopia; even though he was on the throne from the 3rd of April that same year following the death of Empress Zawditu – on 2nd April 1930.


A movement which began in the 1930s and which was designed to revere him as God by using his name could not properly use Ras Tafari as the name of the movement because Haile Selassie ceased being a ‘Ras’ or ‘head of an army’ as far back as 1928, becoming a Negus or king in 1928 and was titled in Nigusa Negast, king of the kings of Ethiopia from 1930 until his death on the 27th of August 1975.”


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